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When I moved to Santa Barbara, CA, I was surprised at how few opportunities there were to play here. As I was adopted into this amazing volleyball community, I quickly realized how much local players wanted to compete. We partnered up with AVP America to help make that happen. 


In starting Shorebreakers Volleyball, we wanted to offer tournaments where all members of the community had a chance to play. Where they can work to get better and move their way up through divisions. From Open to Recreational 4's, there is something for everyone.


We also want to create a fun experience, from the Chill Zone to Sunday Funday, from cash prizes to players parties, we want to make sure everyone is having a good time!

Lastly, we want to help preserve the beautiful beaches we get to enjoy everyday. Through beach clean-ups and partnering with local organizations, Shorebreakers will be giving back. 

All players welcome. 

Jess Bensley, Co-founder

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